Urulu – Play Something With Words EP (MANUCCI006) Release Notes

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Urulu vs Algorithm man!


Steve Huerta – Smoky EP (MANUCCI005) – Artwork

Vorres – Dusty House Mix

Steve Huerta – Smoky EP (MANUCCI005)

Vorres – August Promo Mix (And Back Again)

Cassio Kohl – Lost Sessions 1

Cassio Kohl – Lost Sessions Photos

Cassio Kohl – Lost Sessions EP (MANUCCI004)

Squarehead – Harlem Ache EP (MANUCCI 003)

12" Vinyl copy of the Squarehead EP

12″ Vinyl copy of the Squarehead EP

Nick Höppner Boiler Room DJ Set

Berghain/Panoramabar resident, Nick Höppner drops Silk 86’s “Clear Waters” track from MANUCCI001 on his Daytime Boiler Room DJ Set!

Jack Fell Down – Another Way EP (Press Release)

Artist: Jack Fell Down
Title: Another Way EP
Label: Manucci’s Mistress
Cat#: MANUCCI 002
Format: 10” Vinyl + Digital
Date: Early March 2013

Enigmatic production duo “Jack Fell Down” are the second artists to take the helm of the Manucci’s Mistress Imprint with their ‘Another Way EP’. Little is known about the pair, but little is all you need to know.

Jack Fell Down have previously released on Southern Fried Records, the highly regarded “Home Taping Is Killing Music”, Berlin based “Exploited” and have racked up remixes for DFA and Justin Jay, not to mention being included in Jaymo & Andy George’s Moda Black compilation last year.

Their website reads like a revolutionary’s mission statement, slightly esoteric and full of intent, which reflects their passion for and understanding of music.

‘Road To No Where’ is the opening track on this 2 track 10” EP. The track fuses together a deep understanding of modern production techniques with an even deeper understanding of house music aesthetics, creating a hypnotic and organic rhythm which is carefully interrupted by a 606-esq mid-bass refrain. A deep 50Hz to 60Hz of sub bass rumbles underneath the beats, allowing the higher reaches of the spectrum to be filled with glorious organ chords, vocal stabs and shuffling hats.

On the flip side we are thrown back in time to the late 80’s and early 90’s with the track entitled ‘Brothers and Sisters’. A subtle and intriguing introduction pulls you slowly into a synth laden, woman wailing, hands in the air breakdown. The drop is guaranteed to get the dance floor shaking like a rural field full of ravers in ‘96, as splashing cymbals and rhythmical vocal stabs release the tension. Bring your whistle and white gloves for this one.